Come Learn and Build A Robot In 1 Day
Event Timing: 30th May, 2020
Event Address: Orchid business center, Nairobi
Contact +254 795 952 128 or I.G @novatech_kenya
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Event Summary
In the next generation of work, we will be caretaker for robots, not much room for an uncertain definitive huh??😅
Not an extinction of human capabilities but a delegation of the very basic nitty gritties for a start. 💭Think about it as a transition into acquiring more help. Do you think robots could, Serve? Clean? Cook? Manufacturing? Walking your dog?
To find out, Register with us 📋get started in the transition. Come build one,take it home and delegate😏
All you need is most probably in your assortment of engineering components and what you don't have,we do and at your request, it will be accorded.
Come we engineer
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