TCSF Grant Proposal - Fall 2019
Temple City Schools Foundation
Fall Grants will only be awarded for amounts that do not exceed $500. If you are requesting more than $500 you will need to review the procedure on the TCSF website and email Emily Williams at and make arrangements to give a brief presentation to the TCSF board at one of our bi-monthly meetings. DO NOT CONTINUE WITH THIS GRANT APPLICATION.

Please use sentence case in your written responses including capitals for proper names.
Please DO NOT write your responses all in lowercase or all in CAPS.

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Please give a precise dollar amount. This is the amount a check would be made out for including all taxes and fees. Do not include the $, just numbers with a decimal point.
BRIEFLY describe your proposed project in 5 WORDS OR LESS: *
e.g. Chromebook for student research
How many students will be benefited by this grant if it is funded?: (Please list only the NUMBER) *
Grade Level: Please select the grade level that will benifit, if it is more than one grade please list only the NUMBER of the grades (e.g. "4-6") on the "other" line below *
Phone Number: *
Please list ONLY the primary contact's phone number in this format 626-222-2222
Email: *
Please list ONLY the primary contact's email address
Payee - Please type the name EXACTLY as it should appear on the check: *
Please consider the payee carefully. If the check is to be made out to the applicant directly (if you are planning to purchase through etc.) please type YOUR FIRST and LAST NAME. If it is to go to the school or ASB please indicate that.
All applicants MUST receive approval from their site administrator BEFORE they submit their proposal. By typing your name on the line below you are confirming that you have personally discussed this proposal with, and received approval from your site principal. *
Principals will be asked to varify all proposals at their site.
All materials received from this grant remain the property of the the Temple City Schools Foundation and must be turned in to your site administrator if you leave the district, change positions etc. By typing your name on the line below, you are confirming that you understand that TCSF retains ownership of any items purchased with grant funds. *
Student Contributions – For all field trips, competitions and student experiences the expectation is that the student(s) and or the school site will contribute towards the overall cost. What portion/percentage of the expenses will the participants/site be paying for? How will they be raising those funds and which specific expenses will they be covering? [If this is not a student trip write "Not a Student Trip"] *
BRIEFLY explain who will benefit from this project and how will they benefit. Indicate the grade level and number of children who will directly benefit. *
BRIEFLY explain how this project promotes academic excellence and/or enriches student life. *
BRIEFLY explain how this project represents a unique opportunity for students to learn. *
BRIEFLY explain how this project promotes positive relationships with others or strengthen community ties. *
Please describe any opportunities within your project for TCSF to be able to raise greater awareness of its mission, such as acknowledgement in announcements, etc. *
Are you requesting partial funding of a project from another source? *
If you are requesting partial funding of a project, how much money do you need for this project in total? How much do you hope will come from TCSF compared to other sources? What specifically will the funds be used to purchase? How did you estimate the costs of your request? [Note: if you are requesting the purchase of tangible goods, please be sure to include all applicable expenses such as taxes or shipping in your estimated costs.] *
Please write NA if you are not requesting partial funding.
If supporting details will be emailed to please describe the supporting information in the space below. *
Please write NA if no additional documents are needed.
By typing my name below I agree to the expectations of the TCSF grants committee and understand that I will be contacted on or before November 15, 2019 with information regarding the status of my grant application. If my grant is approved, I understand that I MUST submit an Evidence of Grant Implementation Report directly to TCSF before the end of the school year. *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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