St. Pius V Anti-Racism Survey
Please complete this survey to help us understand how our parish community is thinking and feeling about issues of racial equity.

We include some definitions below to help assure a shared understanding of terms. We hope this is helpful. Thanks so much for your cooperation!


PREJUDICE is a bias or a preconceived opinion, idea, or belief about something. When you act based on prejudice, you make up your mind about something and make generalizations about it before fully knowing about it.

RACISM is policies, behaviors, rules, etc. that result in a continued unfair advantage/power to some people and unfair or harmful treatment of others based on race.

ANTI-RACISM is an “active process of identifying and challenging racism, by changing systems, organizational structures, policies and practices, and attitudes, to redistribute power in an equitable manner.” Racism is reflected in interpersonal, institutional and systemic levels of racism and is a function of white supremacy. (Center for the Study of Social Policy, 2019)

RACIAL EQUITY is “the condition that would be achieved if one's racial identity no longer predicted, in a statistical sense, how one fares. When we use the term, we are thinking about racial equity as one part of racial justice, and thus we also include work to address root causes of inequities, not just their manifestation. This includes elimination of policies, practices, attitudes and cultural messages that reinforce differential outcomes by race or fail to eliminate them.” (
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What some areas for growth for how our parish addresses issues of racism and racial equity? What more *should* we be doing? Please be as specific as possible to help us plan next steps. *
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