Europe: Hearken Engagement Consultant Application
Hearken is looking for an engagement consultant to join our dynamic team as our customer base expands. The new Engagement Consultant will help the team scale its operations and provide individualized support to our partner newsrooms.

Please read the full job description for more information about what we're looking for:

After you fill out this application, please send an email with your resume attached to with the subject line "Engagement Consultant - Europe"

We encourage you to get your application in as soon as possible as we will begin reviewing applications on a rolling basis.

Basic Info
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Are you willing to travel for work? This job will entail some travel - mostly within Northern Europe. *
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Initial interviews are likely to happen in late February, early March for selected candidates. Please note your time zone.
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Writing Section
For the following questions, please keep your answers short; they should be about a paragraph or two in length (seriously!). The purpose of these questions is to get a sense of your personality and perspective, the way you communicate and think. Feel free to interpret questions broadly and be creative.

Think of this section as the replacement for the cover letter.

Tell us about a newsroom or area of journalism that could benefit from Hearken. How and why? *
(Ideally, we would like an example that draws from your personal experience.)
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Everyone on this team got into journalism because they wanted to change the industry for the better, whether that’s fixing a broken hiring system or moving forward as technology evolves. What is one way you’re motivated to change the field, or one issue that you’re passionate about fixing? *
Note: We're not looking for lightning bolts of genius — just want to know what makes you tick!
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What experience would you like to highlight for us that could contribute to your strength as a coworker and consultant? *
These can be experiences obtained through your professional experience or personal life.
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Tell us about an ongoing system or process you've developed to solve a problem in your life, workplace, or community. *
(Can be as simple as creating a routine for packing your lunch in advance. Just make sure you tell us what the problem was and how you solved it.)
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Tell us about a time when your role unexpectedly shifted and how you dealt with it. *
Because we are a small, young company, our roles constantly evolve.
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If you are applying from outside of Northern Europe and want to stay where you're living, tell us why you'll be able to work successfully remotely (including past experience). *
If you live in Northern Europe or are willing to move, please note that here.
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What draws you to work a company like Hearken, vs. a more traditional or established organization? *
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As we grow Hearken's presence in Europe, the team will start very small, and likely will not be in the same place much of the time. Please describe how you think you'd work in this type of solo environment.
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Things that we’re curious about but won’t influence the strength of your application
If you are selected for this position, how soon could you start?
We anticipate we'll make an offer sometime in early March 2019.
How did you hear about this opening?
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Notes from above:
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Do you identify as a member of a population that is underrepresented or marginalized in the news industry?
This is just to assess whether we’re recruiting and hiring a wide spectrum of candidates. We do not use this to make a judgment on the strength of your application. If you'd like to share more about how you identify, you may use the space below (but it's not required).
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Reminder: After you fill out this application, please send an email with your resume attached to with the subject line "Engagement Consultant"
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