BlockTO : Community Validator Submission Form
Thank you for your involvement in the BlockTO community. Use this form to send us your submission for the Community Validator role.

Being a Community Validator has many perks such as getting a shoutout at our BlockTO meetups and ConsenSys Canada newsletter and a swag prize. We're looking forward to see you get involved!

To become a Community Validator, please follow these three steps :
1) Fulfill the Bounty request
2) Fill out this form
3) Show up at our next BlockTO meetup

Join our BlockTO meetup group -

Not sure where to start?
Are you new to web3 development? Not sure where to start ? Check this out :
How to become a Community Validator :
1. The applicant must complete a Bounty request from the option below.

2. Fill out this form below.
Fulfill the request below :
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