PJ's Ice Cream Virtual Field Trip Request Form
- Please fill out the form two weeks prior to the day you would like your virtual field trip to occur.
- You will receive an email confirming the date and time along with a Google Form for you to send to all students to pick their flavor of ice cream.
- The ice cream will be delivered in a cooler but will need to be put in a freezer within 20 minutes of delivery if you aren't going to serve immediately.
- Please put the cooler in the office when you are finished with it. I will pick them up throughout the week.
- Delivery times will be discussed upon placing your order.
- All ice cream cups will be labeled with each student's name.
- Check or Cash will be accepted upon delivery. Credit Cards may be used for online payments only.
- Napkins and spoons will be provided.
Ice Cream Pricing:
- Kids Scoop: $3.00
- Single Scoop: $4.00
- Double Scoop: $5.00
Teacher's Full Name: *
Grade: *
School: *
School Address: *
Phone Number (in case there is an issue with your order): *
Email Address: *
Please pick a date for your Virtual Field Trip: *
If the above date isn't available, I would like this date: *
Do you have any allergies we need to know about in your classroom? *
I have read and understand all of the information above. *
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