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Thank you for registering for one of our many opportunities at Noel Community Arts Program. This registration form will get you into our system so that you can be paired with a class/teacher, given a profile through our software, and sent payment information. If you are not ready to register but would instead like to speak with the director, please email Thanks!
Participant's Full Name and Age (if registering siblings or groups of 2-4, include all participants' information here) *
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Full Name of Parent (if not adult student) *
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If registering for private music lessons, which instrument?
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If registering for private art lessons, what medium would you like to focus on (if not fine arts in general)?
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If registering for a pottery session or a special events class, list the specific class or date (if you know)
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Private lessons are $80 for four weeks of half hour classes. Pottery sessions are $165 for nine weeks of two and half hour classes. Special Events vary in cost. Are you in need of a scholarship application? *
If you have already been approved for a scholarship, what is your agreed upon payment?
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If you are an ongoing private art/music student, are you in need of a key fob to better access Noel UMC for lessons?
PRIVATE LESSON STUDENTS ONLY: Can you confirm that you understand that your payment is due at the beginning of every four lessons (by cash, check, or through our online system), and that if payment has not been received by the second lesson, the teacher does not have to perform your lesson and a late fee of $5 will be assessed to continue classes? *
POTTERY AND SPECIAL EVENT STUDENTS: Can you confirm that you understand that within a few business days of registering through this form you will receive a registration link for payments which will be due in full before your class? *
Can you confirm that you understand that that if you or your child is unable to make a class or lesson, you must notify your teacher 24hrs prior to the day of the class/lesson to be eligible for a make-up lesson which will be determined by you and your teacher, and that if either party becomes uncomfortable with the amount of times missed, teachers and/or students can notify the NCAP director? *
Can you confirm that you understand that misses and tardies of 10min or more are counted as one of your paid lessons? *
Can you confirm that you understand that private lesson key fobs are provided to be able to access your lesson areas more easily and that should you need a replacement or additional fob, the cost is $10; that you are not permitted to allow anyone access to the third floor music area or the basement art rooms who does not have permission to be there; and that your fobs must be returned to the NCAP Director when lessons are discontinued? *
Can you confirm that you understand that the congregation of Noel UMC has adopted a Safe Sanctuaries Policy with the aim of preventing abuse in our church; that this policy particularly addresses the need for Noel UMC to be a safe place for children, youth, and vulnerable adults; that according to Noel's Safe Sanctuary Policy, all classes, lessons, workshops, etc. with youth or children shall be conducted in a space easily observable by others at all times; that when in classrooms for lessons, teachers will leave doors opened or windows unobstructed and parents are invited to either sit in the lesson room or immediately outside of the lesson room; that if a child is not with a parent or legal guardian, they must be with at least two unrelated adults from the time they reach Noel's campus to the time they leave; that for this reason, it is important for parents to, at the very least, always walk their children to and from the lesson to make sure that two adults will be present at all times during the lesson; that this is also why it is important for siblings of students to stay close to parents if waiting at the church for a lesson to be completed; that all teachers have undergone background checks; that any suspicious or observed sexual misconduct or other abuse or violation of these policies should be reported immediately to the director of Noel Community Arts Program; and that dropping your child off and leaving without first confirming the two-adult rule is not acceptable and teachers reserve the right and responsibility to cancel your/your child's lesson in these scenarios? *
Can you confirm that you understand that NCAP gratefully occupies space at Noel UMC with the understanding that we will be good stewards of all areas, property, and equipment; and that students/students' families are asked to assist us in the care of these spaces by cleaning up after themselves? *
If you are the parent of a non-adult student, are you comfortable with NCAP collecting photographs or video of your child while he/she/they participate in NCAP activities for publications and marketing? *
Can you confirm that you understand that if you wish to discontinue lessons, you must let your teacher and the NCAP director know (in person or by phone/email) one week before your last lesson; and that if you stop lessons during a month/session, you will not be reimbursed for your current payment? *
Do you have any other questions or concerns for the NCAP Director? *
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