Swordplay through the Pandemic
Tell us what would help you keep training, and if you can help us keep teaching!

Ottawa Swordplay has been ordered closed and currently there is no clear timeline as to when we will be permitted to reopen. We'd like to provide resources that will help you and/or interest you during the shut-down. We also are looking at creative ways to maintain our revenue stream during the closure.
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What would make it possible/easier for you to train at home?
What other resources could we provide that would interest you, especially during the shutdown.
What activities would you participate in if they are permitted and feasible before we can restart indoor classes?
If we ask it, which of the following are you willing and able to do to help us maintain our revenue?
Please provide any useful information pertaining to your answers to any of the above questions. For example, if you are willing to sponsor something or buy something, how much would you contribute?
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Do you have any other suggestions for how we could better serve our students and community during this crisis?
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