Quality of Press Release of BoG July Meeting
Communication is an important feature of Bank Indonesia monetary policy. We strive to improve the quality of our policy communication and therefore request your valuable opinion through this questionnaire.
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Quality of Press Release of BoG July Meeting
Based on your experience with BI Press Relase, what is the quality level of Bank Indonesia monetary policy communication?

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[Background] : The underlying reason of Bank Indonesia’s decision/policy
[Analysis] : Assessment of the current situation in the economy (eg. global environment, growth, BoP, exchange rate, inflation, financial markets)
[Policy Objective and Strategy] : The goal of Bank Indonesia’s policy and the plan to achieve it
[Prospect] : Forecast of the economy, risks, and future policy direction
[Structure] : Completeness and coherence
[Data and information] : Timeliness and accuracy of data used
Overall quality
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