#FandomWithoutFear Photo/Video Submissions!
In honor of #FandomWithoutFear February, the #SaveDaredevil campaign wants to turn the focus on all of YOU - the amazing fans of Daredevil! Let’s come together and show Marvel and Disney just how widespread and passionate this fanbase is and why we believe Daredevil is worth saving.

Tips for good submissions:
+ Take pictures in landscape mode (horizontally)
+ Videos must be filmed landscape mode (horizontally)
+ Either a phone or a camera is fine to film - please no laptops! iPads are okay, but not preferable.
+ Please ensure you have decent lighting! Outdoors lighting is good if it is not overexposed. Dark rooms, places in the shade, or other places with photo “noise” are difficult to work with.
+ Remember, do not exceed 30 seconds talking on your video (15-30 secs is ideal) - we want to keep the messages concise and leave enough room to edit MANY video messages together!

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