Call for Abstracts to present at the 5th GOBESHONA International Conference on Climate Knowledge
GOBESHONA intends to improve research on climate change in Bangladesh in order to make it more effective in influencing national policy. In particular, it strives to inspire young researchers to produce higher quality research to better the country’s already proactive response to climate change. The 5th Annual Gobeshona Conference is going to be an International Conference where we are inviting and expecting participants from around the world to come and
share their experience and learn from Bangladesh. If you have conducted climate change research on a specific region in Bangladesh (Coasts, Forests, Hills, Flood plains, Haors, Cities or Barind) or sharing your experience in Bangladesh (for International speakers who have close relation in Bangladesh). Also have a potential solution you wish to propose: then we want your voice heard at 5th Gobeshona conference.

Gobeshona conferences also welcome international guests to learn Bangladesh’s stand on climate change.

Important Points:
1. All the presentations, Q&A and discussions will be in English.
2. The solutions to the problems should be based on scientific research.
3. The presentation time will be 10 minutes with maximum 10 slides.
4. There must be 1 clear solution for 1 local area in Bangladesh (either a specific area, or a type of area).
5. International speakers can share global experiences with close relation to Bangladesh perspective.
6. Submit your abstract by 07 Nov 2018.
7. Abstract will be selected by 20 November 2018
8. Final Presentation Submission 10 December 2018

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