Dickinson College Farm Event Request Form 2019-2020
Thank you for choosing the Dickinson College Farm as your event venue! Please fill out this form as completely as possible to help the Farm team create the best event space for you.
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Preliminary Information
Please keep in mind that the farm is a *weather-permitting, rustic* venue! The Office of Conferences and Special Events (CASE@dickinson.edu) can recommend indoor, on-campus venues as back-up locations in case of rain. We will communicate with organizers closely in the days leading up to their event. If rain is in the forecast for Boiling Springs, PA, events may be canceled to protect the safety of attendees.

Once you submit your completed request form a farm staff member will contact the primary event organizer as soon as possible. Event request forms must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the planned event.

Please note that CASE reserves the right to charge set up fees for especially large events.

Before you delve into the event request form, we want to give you an overview of what is already available at the farm:

------Open for use at the Farm------

• 1 picnic table, seating 8 people
• 8-10 red Adirondack chairs

------Available by Request------

• 2 extension cords
• 1 each of trash, compost and recycling bins
• trash bags and clear recycling bags
• wood for bonfires
• 1 water cooler
• Signs that can be used to direct parking
• 2 small charcoal grills*
• Charcoal*

------Items NOT Available at the Farm (need to be provided by event organizers through Facilities, Dining Services, or purchase)------

• Paper, tape and markers to make signs for parking, bathroom, etc.
• Extra extension cords (if 2 cords will not meet your needs)
• Roll of paper towels and soap for hand washing station
• charcoal and grill utensils
• tablecloths
• serving utensils, reusable utensils, place settings, reusable cups
• tables and chairs
• food, beverages
• TIPS servers if alcohol will be served (see additional details below)
• blankets for grassy area seating if desired
• sound equipment
• projection equipment and screen


------Approximate fees for Event Set-up options------

Charcoal - $5
Charcoal Grill $5
Farm employee on hand - $25

------Rest Room facilities------

For small groups, there is one flush toilet and a sink available for your use. For events with estimated attendance of 75 people or more , you are required to rent a Port-a-Potty.

We ask that all communication with the Port-a-Potty company be handled by farm staff.

------These figures are guides: we'll work with you to make sure your event can fit in your budget!------

Thank you for your interest in holding an event at the Dickinson College Farm!
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