Zedua School Reopening Survey!
Greetings from Zedua!
Hope you and your family is safe and healthy. This is a quick survey to know your views about the reopening of schools and what are your expectations from the school management with regards to your child’s safety.
Kindly fill this form so that we can take the parents’ expectations to the schools:
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3. Which class your kid studies in? *
4. Please enter the name of the school:
5. Is your kid attending online classes? *
6. If yes, How effective do you think are the online classes?
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7. If no, Would you like the school to start online classes?
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8. Are you willing to send your kid to school after the Unlock 1.0? *
9. When would you be comfortable in sending your kid to school? *
10. What facilities do you expect from the school management, post Covid 19? *
11. What are your expectations regarding schools hours, post Covid 19? *
12. Would you like to share more thoughts regarding the reopening of schools and kids’ safety?
13. Please share your opinion on fees for the current academic year.
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