Shelter Pines Pre-Debriefing Survey
Debriefing is an opportunity to tell your story, share your heart, 'unpack' your bags (the high points, low points, struggles, joys, frustrations, successes, etc.), and sort out your cross-cultural experience. It is also an opportunity to think about your next steps and make a plan for self-care. To help us better prepare for our time together, we'd appreciate you answering a few questions.
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How long have you lived and served cross-culturally? And where?
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When will you return to your field of service OR will you be staying stateside?
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Would you say your experience in your field of service (generally speaking):
Please check the boxes that you feel describe you (it is OK to check boxes that are contradictory to each other!)
Of the boxes you checked above, which of those is most distressing to you right now.
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What are some of your hopes and expectations for your debriefing experience?
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What would you like us to know about you?
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How can we be praying for you prior to your debriefing experience?
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