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Program Fee: INR 9500/- or you can apply for need based scholarship
If you want to avail scholarship, please list down the reasons why we should consider your application for the same?
The program fee is mandatory. We are committed to maintaining a diverse group and encourage those who have the interest and ability to succeed in the profession, regardless of their financial resources. To support that aim, we are providing financial assistance to need-based applications. If you are not in need of financial assistance, kindly pass this opportunity on to applicants who may need it. Scholarships are limited and highly competitive. In case you do need financial assistance, kindly indicate the same in your application form.
Link to your 1 minute YOUTUBE video (Recommended)
In this video please describe the following (1) WHO are you (2) WHAT do you do (past/current) (3) WHY do you want to apply. Please note your YOUTUBE video can be unlisted/public, but kindly make sure that we can view it (mention password, if any)
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eg: Bachelor's in Engineering, MBA, Bachelor's in Arts/Design etc. from MIT
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eg: Pursuing 2nd year at IMT Nagpur; Freelance product designer; Running my own startup, called Twitter.
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