How can Chapter be more inclusive?
The feedback from this survey will help to inform Chapter Arts Centre's equality, diversity and inclusion plan.

Chapter is working towards being more inclusive to more audiences - including people who are younger, older, LGBTQIA+, D/deaf or Disabled, from poorer backgrounds and/or people of colour, refugees, asylum seekers and migrants.

LGBTQIA+ = Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersexual, A-sexual +

Feedback is confidential.
Questions about Chapter
Which one best describes you?
Describe Chapter in one sentence.
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Do you find Chapter welcoming?
In which ways do you find Chapter welcoming?
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In which ways do you feel Chapter could be more welcoming?
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Have you ever faced barriers to accessing Chapter?
If so, what sort of barriers?
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Do you feel Chapter provides for the various communities of Cardiff?
What could Chapter do better for these communities?
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Is there anything else that would make you visit Chapter more?
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How do you hear about Chapter's activities/events?
If you'd like to subscribe for Chapter news you can do so here: You can find out how Chapter uses your data here:
Questions about you
We ask these personal questions so we can track how many people with diverse characteristics are providing the feedback to this survey. It is important that we know how many of the opinions stated in this survey come from people with lived experience of diverse identities.

You can ignore any of these questions that you prefer not to answer, but if you're able to answer even some of them this will help us to get a clearer picture.
How old are you?
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How would you describe your ethnicity?
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Are you one of the following?
Please describe your gender.
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Please describe your sexuality.
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Do you consider yourself Disabled?
Do you consider yourself as from a poorer background?
Want to find out what happens?
If you'd like to read a summary of the equality, diversity and inclusion recommendations, please email toki[at]filmhubwales[dot]org and you will be emailed a summary once this research has been completed.
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