Miss Teen Tết Festival Application
San Jose Tet Festival proudly brings to the community, Miss Teen Tet Festival. Our commitment to celebrating tradition and heritage has inspired us to produce a teen pageant to empower the Vietnamese youth living in the Bay Area.

Our judges are looking for more than a beautiful face – Miss Teen Tet Festival encourages young teens who are intelligent, charming and well-rounded to participate! This is an opportunity for you to discover your interests, passions and talents while learning more about your Vietnamese heritage. No experience is necessary to compete and we ask participants to join with a mindset that is willing to have fun and learn!

The application deadline is 11:59pm on January 10, 2017.

* Female at birth between the ages of 13-18
* A current high school student (grades 9-12)
* 1/8th Vietnamese ethnic heritage
* Fluent in English or Vietnamese (most, if not all, communication will be in English)
* Northern California resident for the last 6 months
* Be in reasonably good health to meet the time commitments and competition requirements
* Parent/guardian(s) must consent to your decision to compete
* Never married or previously/currently pregnant
* Must be available on the following dates:
** January 14 OR January 15 - Interviews
** January 22 - Info session
** February 4 - Rehearsal
** February 10 (evening) - Rehearsal
** February 11 - Show day

Basic judging criteria:
Miss Teen Tết Festival will be evaluated on her self-introduction, evening wear, áo dài, and final interview question. Other titles may be available, such as Miss Talent, and Miss People's Choice. Miss Teen Tết Festival, First Princess, and Second Princess will be eligible to receive scholarships in the amounts of $500, $200, and $100, respectively.

All communication from the pageant director will occur through email. Final contestants will pay a $50 registration fee, which will be refunded after they have fully competed in the show. Contestants must be available for the dates listed above; absences on any of those days may be subject to a dismissal from the competition and a forfeiture of their deposit. Contestants are expected to provide their own evening gown (dress that reaches the feet), áo dài (khăn đóng is optional), and appropriate accessories.

Interview attire:
All applicants are expected to be presentable, with clean hair and natural makeup (if desired). Interview attire is preferred (blouses, slacks, skirt, and/or dress - no jeans, shorts, strapless, spaghetti straps, or flip flops).

If you have any questions, please email missteen@tetsanjose.org

Miss Teen Tết Festival is proudly sponsored by Forever Beaumore Cosmetics, Inc. (http://foreverbeaumore.com/)

Frequently Asked Questions:
1. Is this just another beauty pageant?
Nope! We structure our competition so that each contestant is evaluated not on her physical appearance (e.g. height, weight, shape, etc), but on her intellect, her confidence, her ability to articulate her thoughts, her poise, and her elegance.

2. I don't think I'm the "right" kind of contestant. Why should I apply if I don't think I look like the women in other pageants?
There are so many reasons to apply! You'll try something new if you've never done it before. You'll have fun. You'll make some friends. And most importantly, because no matter how big, small, short, tall, etc you are - you will look EXACTLY like the kind of contestant we want.

3. I've never competed in a pageant before - I feel really nervous and scared to go on stage and make a fool of myself. Do you only want people who are really good on stage?
We will provide you with guidance on how to walk confidently on stage, how to practice good public speaking, etc. Plus, knowing that some of your fellow contestants are just as terrified as you are may help alleviate a lot of that stage fright.

4. Do I have to wear heels? My heels hurt me!
No, you are not required to wear heels. You may wear shoes in which you feel comfortable on stage.

5. How much will it cost?
To apply to be a contestant is FREE! If you have been selected as a final contestant, it will only cost $50 to compete - which will be refunded to you after you have completed the show. Everything else (dresses and accessories) will be up to you to decide how much you want to pay or if you can be resourceful and borrow items from your friends and family.

6. How much time will it take?
Interviews will take no longer than 15 minutes. The info session (1/22) and rehearsal (2/4) will last approximately 4-5 hours. The final rehearsal will take 3-4 hours. All the other time in between to prepare (practicing self-introduction, walking, etc), you can do on your own time. If you win a title, we may ask that you help crown the next winner during the 2018 Festival; however, it is not required of you to attend the next show.

6. Do I have to speak Vietnamese well?
Nope! You can speak English or Vietnamese. We encourage you to choose a language in which you will feel very confident. There will be no advantage or disadvantage from using one language or the other.

7. What's the prize if I win Queen?
You will receive a $500 scholarship from Forever Beaumore Cosmetics, Inc that you may spend toward school supplies, savings, etc.

8. I hear all pageants are rigged anyway. Why should I bother to compete?
We want to honor all of the hard work and effort you choose to put forth as a contestant. Thus, we have worked tirelessly to ensure our program and scoring system are fair and just. For example, during your talent portion, we remove the judges from the show so that they are not exposed to one contestant more than the other.

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