Disability Solidarity Committee Membership Form
This form is for anyone who intends to join Central Jersey DSA Disability Solidarity Committee. We have updated our mission statement and values, community agreements, as well as our member expectations and the code of conduct members must uphold.

Mission Statement:
Our purpose is to fight for the rights and inclusion of disabled comrades, both within DSA and within society at large. People with disabilities face unique exploitation, denigration, and obstacles in every aspect of society, and the Disability Solidarity Committee’s mission is to combat these injustices. We are about Disability Liberation, Disability Justice, Community Access, and educating people on the realities disabled comrades face. Disability activists have been fighting for liberation from the medical model of disability and the oppression that our capitalist system imposes. What activism failed to achieve, organizing seeks to build. We believe accessibility is a communal responsibility, and therefore takes a community effort to achieve.There is incredible intersectionality that exists among those in the disability community, and we work to unite comrades and allies in our fight for liberation. Our fight for socialism is a fight for an inclusive society that leaves no one behind.

- Social Theory of Disability: Oppositional to the medical model of disability, which identifies disability as the problem of an individual, the social theory of disability describes the environment and condition of society as the main factor that disables a person from community participation
- Marxism: As socialist organizers, we recognize the importance of utilizing a historical materialist lens to define and explain oppression under capitalism. Therefore, we define ableism in economic terms first and foremost, and we work to illuminate the interconnectivity between ableism and capitalism
- Interdependence: "From each according to their abilities, to each according to their needs"- we all have needs, we all have abilities, and we strive to support each other in a functionally collaborative manner
- Community Care: We believe in institutional abolition in all forms, and promote the right of all comrades to live as participatory members of the community, tethered to the community, cared for by the community, and in care of the community

Member Expectations:
- Attend and participate in meetings to the best of their ability;
- Remain active and communicative in the disability solidarity discord channel and through email;
- Vote on and participate in group discussions;
- Support disability solidarity committee projects by taking on an accessible role or responsibility
- Attend other Chapter organizing events, and promote the work of the disability solidarity committee
- Understand committee roles and responsibilities, and be able to step-in as needed

Community Agreements:
- I will not take photos, videos, or audio recordings of online or in-person spaces;
- I will interact in a way that is positive and productive;
- I will not cause another member to feel intimidated or unsafe;
- I will not share anyone's personal information without permission;
- I understand that if I violate these agreements, I may be removed from online or in-person spaces for the safety of others

Code of Conduct:
- Prohibited behavior. Members shall not engage in harassment on the basis of sex, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, physical appearance, disability, race, color, religion, national origin, class, age, or profession
- Harassing or abusive behavior, such as unwelcome attention, inappropriate or offensive remarks, slurs, or jokes, physical or verbal intimidation, stalking, inappropriate physical contact or proximity; other verbal and physical conduct constitutes harassment when:
-- Submission to such conduct is made either explicitly or implicitly a term or condition of a member’s continued affiliation with DSA;
-- Submission or rejection of such conduct by an individual is used as the basis for organizational decisions affecting such individual; or
-- Such conduct has the purpose or effect of creating a hostile environment interfering with an individual’s capacity to organize within DSA
- Other protected classes. Harassment based on categories not encompassed by those listed section (a) will be evaluated at the discretion of the Harassment and Grievance Officer (“HGO”) and Steering Committee (“SC”) representatives
- Members may also file grievances not directed at a specific individual, such as hostile environments and other systemic issues. Investigation in these cases shall center and seek to support the grievant in determining the appropriate remedy
- If someone is removed from Central Jersey DSA, they will also be asked to be removed from Central Jersey DSA Disability Solidarity

If you experience behavior that is not in keeping with the community agreements, please notify our Grievance Officer at CNJGrievance@dsanj.org

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