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We are excited that you want to join us for "A Week in Boston." A Week in Boston will be located on the Redline in Boston, specifically around the Davis, Harvard, and Central/Kendall stops, with most activities based around Davis. (Living Games Conference itself, is located in Peabody.)

Please use this form to register for A Week in Boston--by answering these questions, you'll also help give us a sense of how many activities to plan, and when.

You can read all about A Week in Boston in our Master Document, available here:

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What is your email address? (We'd like to be able to contact you about the schedule for A Week, stuff you're registered for, etc.) *
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Do you have any medical conditions we should know about, in case of emergency? Do you have any accessibility concerns we should be aware of? *
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Please let us know who we should contact in case of emergency. We'd appreciate a name, their relationship to you, and an email address and/or phone number. *
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What days are you likely to participate in A Week activities? (check all that apply) You can see a very rough version of the schedule here: http://www.livinggamesconference.com/save-date-week-boston-living-games/
What time of day are you able and willing to attend activities? (Check all that apply)
If you're an out-of-towner, please tell us where you are arriving from, and if you know your schedule, the date and time of your arrival.
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We'd like to help hook together locals with crash space with out-of-towners looking for a place to stay. Are you interested in participating in a homestay? (Note: no obligations either way at this moment, but our hospitality team will be in touch.)
What sorts of A Week activities most excite you? (Check all that apply)
During A Week, you'll be buying your own food at local establishments, but we are going to try to hook folks with like tastes together for dinner meet ups. Do you have any salient dietary restrictions?
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The evening of Monday, May 14th, we're having a series of micro-talks on current and forthcoming larps, and sneak peeks of talks that will take place at Living Games Conference. Are you interested in throwing your name in the hat?
We're looking for locals who can provide on-the ground support during A Week. This might include stuff like: (a) hanging out at a rally point and helping folks get to the next destination (b) helping get a small group of people to dinner at a restaurant or late-night hangout, or various other small adventures. Check here if you're interested in helping!
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