LCA Volunteer Program
It takes a Village...
Our success running events throughout the year can only happen with parent involvement and participation. We all know the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.” At Leman we believe this is the foundation of the Leman Community Association. Together we can create and maintain a positive and nurturing community for our Leman Family.

Our goal is to build a community of volunteers who can dedicate some time to ensure a strong foundation of support for all the events and programs we run throughout the year for our children. This will create a huge impression not only for our children but the wider community of Leman.

Being a volunteer is not a fulltime job. You decide how little or how much time you wish to devote. A little does go a long way and we greatly appreciate any time you can offer us.

Many volunteering opportunities involve your child. This is a wonderful chance for you to spend time together doing something in the school community. Your child not only benefits from the work we do but seeing you participating in an events gives them an added sense of pride.

Don’t feel daunted about what to sign up for. All events are run and chaired by veteran parents who are always on hand to assist and support you.

You will have fun interacting with the student body, making new parent friends, spending time with faculty.

It is a very rewarding experience to see the success of an event or initiative and a wonderful opportunity to give back to the Leman community. You gain a wealth of experience and insight into how school operates and how events are run.

We all have something to offer. Bring your creativity and passion to the Leman Community and make this year a tremendous success.

Join us and celebrate being part of the Leman Community

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