On this form, you will submit your experiences and workshops for the Distinctive Communication Program:
In the program, Communication Studies students will have to participate in the following before they graduate:

#1 - Three high-impact practice experiences at Tarleton (internship, leadership, undergraduate research, or study abroad/study away)

#2 - Earn Two Distinction Workshop Points Per Semester - By attending eight distinction workshops before they graduate (topics will range from: “Using Twitter and LinkedIn as a Communication Professional” to “20 Things to Know When Planning an Event”).

This program

During this program, you can EARN AWARDS, TRAVEL, and BECOME AN EXPERT in the Communication Field!

Please share the program flyer! - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DE49AOihLHT5oLGhoT1Cu4PdGYrSyHo7/view?usp=sharing


The Communication Studies Department

Contact: Dr. Edwards (jtedwards@tarleton.edu)
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