Civic Engagement Launchpad - Project Idea Submission
We’re igniting Philadelphians’ passion for civic engagement. Launchpad 2019: Phundamentals is a month-long, project-launching event focused on civic engagement with local government and democratic systems. At Code for Philly, our mission is to use data and technology to engage with local government, non-profits, and ultimately make Philly a better place.

Before our Friday Project Brainstorming night, we're calling on the community to identify opportunities, big or small, that could lead to better civic engagement. This year's For example,

- Is there a better way for the public to advise on legislation or zoning regulations?
- Are there public services that would benefit from increased transparency and feedback?
- Could we improve the election process?

To share an idea, you don't need to know how the "answer" or how project teams should solve. More important is sharing why the idea matters and what the opportunity is. Ideas will be shared with project teams as they consider where to focus their month-long efforts.
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