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If you acquired your pet in Japan, where did you get them from?
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If you are surrendering a dog and they are not spayed/neutered, please provide your dog's current weight.
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Will your pet's vaccines be current within 60 days of surrender? (You are required to bring in a copy of your pet's medical record at the time of surrender. This must include the vaccination record.) *
If you are surrendering a dog, does your dog have a current heartworm test? *
Does your pet have any medical or special needs? If yes, please describe. *
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Surrender Fees
Starting surrender fee for cats and dogs is $160. Starting surrender fee for rabbits is $250. Emergency fee of $250 will apply if you need to surrender within two weeks from the date we receive your completed Surrender Form.

Additional fees may apply if:
-- Pet is sick or has immediate medical needs
-- Pet needs professional behavioral training
-- Pet is not spayed or neutered
-- Pet is not microchipped
-- Pet is not up to date on vaccinations
-- There are any other financial responsibilities directly related to the animal.
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