Sky Hunt for Nakshatras by Amit Patankar
In 2012, one of our co-founders, Mr. Amit Patankar, published a book named Sky Hunt for Nakshatras, based on years of knowledge and understanding of astronomy. The book is meant to familiarize an amateur astronomer with Nakshatras, the base of Indian astronomy. Instead of focusing on the complicated mathematics, the book provides a more practical take on Nakshatras. Linking their shapes and geometry to understand the larger picture of the night sky, the book helps the readers to spot deep sky objects such as nebulae and galaxies using the shapes of Nakshatras.

The first edition of the book received a positive response and was sold out very quickly. After nearly 7 years, the author has decided to bring out a second edition of the book with several new chapters and surprises !

For more information, get in touch with the author directly on +91 9619981544 / +91 9867617311
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