FerreiraLab RA Position Application
Please fill out this form if you are interested in working as an undergraduate Research Assistant in Professor Fernanda Ferreira's lab.

We will consider all applications, so please don't feel intimidated by any of the questions. We encourage all interested students to submit an application!

We also strongly encourage transfer students to apply to our lab.
What is your preferred email address? (we will contact you via this email) *
Since our lab investigates language research, we are interested in your language background! Please list all the languages you speak, and how you'd rate your proficiency in each language (Beginner to Fluent). *
How many hours a week do you want to work in the lab? (Minimum 6 hours, and has to be a multiple of 3 for credit granting purposes) *
How many years do you have left at UC Davis until graduation? *
Are you a transfer student? *
If you are a transfer student, where did you transfer from?
Are you available to work for credit at least two quarters?
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In addition to working the hours you agree to work, it's important to respond to lab communication in a timely manner. Even if the message does not require action, we expect a response of acknowledgement. Failure to respond to lab communication (Slack, email) within 24 hours on a working day (Monday-Friday), three times, will result in dismissal from the lab.
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What skills and experiences do you have (Excel, R, Python, or anything else) that you'd like us to know about? (It's OK to leave this blank)
Please list the classes you've taken that you think might be relevant, e.g., in cognitive science, linguistics, psychology, math, etc.
What areas or topics of our lab research are you most interested in? *
What do you hope to learn or gain from working as an RA in our lab? *
Lastly, please tell us a bit about yourself! *
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