F.A.C.E. - Future Active Citizens of Europe
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1. In which treaty was the name " The European Union" first used? *
2. What event does the Europe Day, May 9, commemorate? *
3. How frequently does the rotating presidency of the EU change? *
4. How many countries were members of the Eurozone when coins and banknotes were first circulated on 1st January 2002?
5. Who or what is the Schengen of the 1985 Schengen Agreement? *
6. Why are there 12 stars on the European flag? *
7. Which of these is not part of European Union? *
8. Who is regarded as the "chief architect" of European Unity? *
9. When you cross the border from Germany to the Netherlands without showing your passport, you do so due to: *
10. In terms of population, what is the largest city in the Eu? *
11. Which Member State is the smallest in area? *
12. Which organisation implies deeper political intergration? *
13. The EU is a member of the United Nations. *
14. Who is the president Of the European Union? *
15. What is the anthem of the European Union? *
16. What was the purpose of the creation of the EU? *
17. Which of the following was the basis of the creation of the EU? *
18. When will the next European Parliament elections take place? *
19. How many political parties are represented in the EU Parliament? *
20. How many members does the EU Parliament consist of? *
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