Visions Parent Permission Form
Congratulations! Your child has qualified for the artistic gifted and talented program in Spartanburg School District Six. This form gives your child permission to participate in the class for the 2019-2020 academic school year.
What school does your child attend? *
Your child qualified for visions. In which art areas was he/she identified? *
If your child is in Art Visions, how many years has your child been enrolled?
If your child is in Music Visions, how many years has your child been enrolled?
PARENT COMMITMENT TO HAVING STUDENT TO SCHOOL ON TIME: By signing below I commit to bringing my child to school early twice a week for Visions class. I understand that if my child is absent more than 6 times, this will result in a conference with the teacher to discuss the possibility of withdrawing my child from Visions. If my child continues to miss class, I understand and agree to withdraw my child from Visions. (Parents type name below) *
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STUDENT COMMITMENT TO MAINTAINING GOOD BEHAVIOR: By signing below I commit to helping my child comply with the Visions behavior plan: participating, maintaining a good attitude, cooperating with teacher and students, being responsible with supplies and instruments. I understand I will be notified if my child does not comply with the behavior plan and may be withdrawn from the program if behavior does not improve. (Parents type name below). *
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