Parent Counseling Needs Assessment 2018-2019
Please help me understand the needs of the school and how I can better the School Counseling Program. You may fill this out anonymously or put your information. If you share your information I may ask for more input on the counseling program and include you in upcoming events. Your feedback is very important as I work to create a comprehensive school counseling plan that reflects the needs of the school. Please take a few minutes to complete this needs assessment. The School Counselor is not just a resource for students, but a resource for parents as well.
Student's Name
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E-mail Address
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Phone Number
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Parent Name(s)
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Student Grade
I would like to participate in the "Weekend Back Pack Program" This program helps students who need some extra food on the weekend. (If so please provide your e-mail)
I would like the counseling program to
If you would like to join a book study, is there a book you would like to read and discuss with other parents?
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Who is my child's counselor?
I know who my school counselor is and how to contact her.
I know where the school counseling office is located.
My child's counselor treats me with courtesy and respect.
I feel the school counseling program has been helpful to my child.
I know if my child needs help I can set up a meeting through the school counselor.
What do you feel is the greatest need at HES that the Counselor could address?
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What Themes or Ideas would you like the Counselor to cover during Developmental Guidance? (Check All that Apply)
I have a clear understanding of the School Counselor's role in the school:
I feel comfortable collaborating with the School Counselor to help students.
The School Counselor has worked with teachers to provide classroom guidance.
The School Counselor provides important services to the students of our school.
I believe students feel comfortable meeting with the School Counselor.
The School Counseling Program helps enhance the academic achievement of all students.
The School Counseling Program helps enhance the academic achievement of all students.
The School Counselor helps students to develop socially and emotionally
The School Counselor works cooperatively with administrators, teachers, and other staff
Teachers, parents, and community are informed about the School Counseling Program
Please list the strengths that currently exist within the School Counseling Program:
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Please list the weaknesses that currently exist within the School Counseling Program. What would you change?
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Any other suggestions for the Counselor that will improve the school.
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