2nd Grade Pre-Assessment, Fall 2019
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1. A book with facts and information is *
2. A book that’s a made-up story is *
3. Which part of the book shows the call number? *
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4. Which book would you find in the nonfiction section of the library? *
5. Which resource would most likely be a nonfiction book about big cats? *
6. Which resource would most likely be a fiction book about big cats? *
7. Which resource would be most likely to give you true and up-to-date facts? *
8. What is the keyboard shortcut for Quit on one of the laptops in the library? *
9. What is it called when you let people know that you have used another person’s ideas, words, or images in a report? *
10. When taking notes, you should *
11. What private information is safe to share online? *
12. You play with SuperKid33 on Minecraft, but you’ve never met him in person. Is it safe for you to meet him by yourself at a local park? *
13. What username is the best for Molly Jones who is 7 years old? *
14. You can use school computers respectfully and responsibly by: *
15. Is it okay to take pictures of other students without them knowing?
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