UJEB Subsidy Form
UJEB Subsidy Form - Please fill out a separate form for each child and program
Full name of parent/guardian *
Name of child *
Child's year level *
School *
Program *
Parent/ guardian email address *
Parent/guardian phone number *
Parent 1 occupation *
Parent 2 occupation *
Please put n/a if not applicable
Weekly Centerlink payment (for both parents/guardians) *
Please put a zero if not receiving a payment from centerlink
Weekly pre-tax income (for both parents/guardians) *
Number of dependent children *
Please detail the circumstances that necessitate the subsidy request: *
Is this a request for a payment plan, reduction in fee or both? *
Payment plan is full fee over a number of months
What amount are you requesting a subsidy for? *
If there is any documentation you would like to upload please feel free to do so
Please feel free to leave any other comments. The treasurer of UJEB will be in touch to discuss your request.
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