Shuang Wen PTA & SLT Nominations 雙文家長會和學校領導小組提名
Nominations Deadline: May 26, 2021, at PTA Meeting 提名截止日期:二零二一年五月二十六日家長月會
Election Meeting: Wednesday, June 16, 2021, at 6pm 選舉會議:二零二一年六月十六日,星期三,下午6點
Dear Parents 親愛的雙文家長,
Please consider nominating yourself or a fellow parent for any of the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) or School Leadership Team (SLT) positions indicated below. PTA position terms end June 30, 2022. Two SLT positions are available. SLT position terms end June 30, 2023. A description of each position is below. For more details about each position, please refer to the PTA and SLT bylaws (available via 請考慮提名您自己或其他家長擔任以下指示的任何家長教師協會(PTA)或學校領導小組(SLT)職位。 家長會職位的任期於2022年6月30日結束。學校領導小組有二個職位開放。 學校領導小組職位任期於2023年6月30日結束。每個職位的說明如下。有關每個職位的更多詳細信息,請參閱家長會和學校領導小組章程(可上網http://www.ps184m.org查詢)。

All parents are eligible to hold office (except for Shuang Wen employees). Shuang Wen parents and teachers are eligible to vote for PTA positions, but teachers are not eligible to vote for SLT parent positions. 所有家長都有資格任職(雙文員工除外)。雙文的家長和老師有資格為家長會職位投票,但老師沒有資格為學校領導小組家長職位投票。

To make your nomination, please fill in the fields below and then click "Submit" at the bottom of the page. Please visit for any additional nominations. 要提名,請填寫以下資料,然後單擊頁面底部的“提交”。請上網 以獲取更多其他提名職位的信息。

Please note that the Nominating Committee will contact each nominee to determine willingness to run. Shuang Wen administration will verify candidate eligibility. The Nominating Committee will request a photo and brief biography from each candidate to distribute to parents and teachers in advance of the election meeting. We also plan to schedule an online candidate forum. 請注意,提名委員會將與每位被提名人聯繫,以確定其競選意願。雙文校方將核實候選人資格。提名委員會將要求每位候選人提供照片和簡介,以在選舉會議之前分發給家長和老師。我們還計劃安排一個網上候選人論壇。

Please contact the Nominating Committee Chair, Jeffrey Buckley, by phone (917-284-1267) or email ( if you have any questions. 如果你有任何問題,請通過電話9172841267或電子郵件jehobu@gmail.com聯繫家長會提名委員會組長Jeffrey Buckley.

Thank you for your participation! 感謝您的參與!

The Nominating Committee 家長會選舉委員會
Jeffrey Buckley (Chair)
Elaine Yau
Joshua Rosati
Your name 您的名字
Your email address or phone number 電子郵件地址或電話號碼
Name of parent you are nominating 您要提名的家長姓名
Email address or phone number of your nominee 候選人的電子郵件地址或電話號碼
Grade level(s) of nominee's child(ren) at Shuang Wen 候選人的子女必需目前在雙文就讀
For what position? 競選什麼職位?
Please provide a statement in support of your nominee. 請提供支持你的提名人的陳述。
Position Descriptions 職位簡介
President or Co-President 會長或聯合會長
The President (or a Co-President) presides at all PTA meetings and attends meetings of the Presidents' Council and is a mandatory member of the SLT. 會長或聯合會長參加所有家長會會議和教育局主席理事會的會議,同時也必須是學校領導小組成員。

Vice President 副會長
The VP assists the President or Co-Presidents and shall assume the President's duties in the absence of or at the request of the President. 副會長輔助會長或聯合會長。如果會長或聯合會長缺席或根據要求,副會長需承擔會長職責。

Secretary or Co-Secretary 秘書或聯合秘書
The Secretary (or a Co-Secretary) prepares and maintains PTA documents and keeps minutes at each PTA meeting. 秘書或聯合秘書負責準備和保管家長會文件,並做家長會所有會議記錄。

Treasurer or Co-Treasurers 財務或聯合財務
The Treasurer (or a Co-Treasurer) is responsible for all financial affairs and funds of the PTA and presents transaction reports at PTA meetings.財務或聯合財務負責家長會的賬務和資金,並在家長會會議上提交財務報告。

Title 1 Representative 第一條款代表
The Title 1 Representative is responsible for all matters related to budgeting and spending monies received by our school under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act Title I program. 第一條款代表負責我校“中小學教育法條款1項目”項下收到的款項和支出等所有事宜。

Middle School Vice President 中學部副會長
The Middle School VP organizes support for teachers and students to benefit grades 6 through 8.中學部副會長為老師和學生安排支援項目,使6年級至8年級受益。

Elementary School Vice President 小學部副會長
The Elementary School VP organizes support for teachers and students to benefit grades pre-K through 5.小學部副會長為老師和學生安排支援項目,使預幼班到五年級受益。

Fundraising Vice President 籌款副會長
The Fundraising VP coordinates fundraising activities of our PTA. 籌款副會長負責協調家長會的籌款活動。

Grant Applications Vice President 撥款申請副會長
The Grant Applications VP researches and applies for grants to benefit Shuang Wen. 撥款申請副會長研究並申請撥款以使雙文受益。

Volunteer Coordinator Vice President 家長志工協調員副會長
The Volunteer Coordinator VP maintains a list of parent volunteers and schedules volunteer activities and assists with PTA events. 家長志工協調員副會長維護家長志工資料,安排志工活動並協助家長會活動。

SLT Parents (2 positions) 學校領導小組成員(二個職位)
School Leadership Team members are responsible for developing an annual school Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP) and meet monthly to ensure that the school-based budget is aligned with the CEP. 學校領導小組負責制定年度學校綜合教育計劃,並每月開會以確保學校預算與此教育計劃保持一致。
Date of distribution: April 29, 2021 發送日期:二零二一年四月二十九日
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