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TWO SPECIAL CHARACTER STUDIES designed to take you deeper into the novel's fascinating twin eras. These bonuses feature the chief voices from The Mulberry Leaf Whispers, and will unlock the times, places and lifestyles the novel inhabits.

1) Locked in Sono's Soul: Classic Poems, Sayings and Images from Sono's Heart to Yours

2) The Life and Times of Akira Matsuura: A Photo Journal (Mostly)

... PLUS A FREE SHORT FICTION EBOOK of the War in the Pacific

3) A Matter of Mind and Heart

1944: Recruited from an internment camp for Japanese Americans, army linguist Rich Takahashi grapples with a key question. Why should he put his life at risk to serve an America that robbed him of his future, and his family and his sweetheart of their freedom? What makes an American, an American?

"Linda Thompson attacks the publishing world like a Mitsubishi Zero swooping from the Japanese sky." - Jerry B. Jenkins, 21-time NYT bestselling author

"Goosebumps... Anyone looking for a quick read with full characters and a punch will love this story!!" - Reviewer in Nevada

(Previously published in Eclipse of the Rising Sun, my Pacific War anthology with Murray Pura. Offered now for the first time on its own.)

AND FINALLY, an exclusive pre-order bonus sweepstakes!

4) The sweepstakes winner will receive a signed paperback copy of The Plum Blooms in Winter, the Midway movie on DVD, and an exclusive The Mulberry Leaf Whispers coffee mug! (Final mug design may vary. If the winner is outside the U.S., I reserve the right to substitute items of commensurate value based on shipping costs. :( )

The giveaway drawing will be held on launch day, 12/15/2020, at 11:59 P.M. Mountain time. Watch your email for notification of the winner!
IMPORTANT: To avoid any possibility of spoilers, the three eBooks will be provided starting 12/5/2020 to readers who purchased the paperback, and starting 12/18/2020 to readers who purchased the Kindle book.
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