2020 Arizona Regional AYCO Festival Workshop Application
Thank you for your interest in volunteering to lead a workshop at the 2020 Arizona Regional AYCO Festival!

Please fill out this application and submit it by February 1st, 2020.

If you would like to propose different workshops, please complete a separate application for each one. You do not need to repeat your bio, references, or other information that is the same, but we do need a separate form for each proposed workshop's description, capacity, and prerequisites.

Accepted workshop presenters will receive complimentary admission to the festival (includes snacks and a ticket to the Showcase). Workshop leaders are also welcome to observe/audit other workshops.

If your workshop will be taught by more than one person, you must list all names on the application.

We are committed to creating a festival that provides something for everyone, regardless of age and skill level. We encourage creative workshop concepts that incorporate circus in any way, from stage makeup to choreography, from yoga to arts and crafts—in addition to traditional circus skills. Presenters will be welcome to distribute information and promotional materials about their other circus teaching and activities.
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Name of Workshop Leader(s): *
Workshop Title: *
Organization (if not applicable, write 'none'): *
Phone number: *
Email: *
Describe your workshop for participants (Please type one complete paragraph - no bullet lists or abbreviations): *
Prerequisite skills: Is your class open to all ages and abilities or only to students who meet certain requirements? (Please be specific! For example: no requirements; can climb 15' rope, can hold a handstand for 10 seconds against the wall; can juggle 3 balls for 10 catches). *
Workshop level: *
What equipment do you need us to provide for your workshop? *
Are you willing to present your workshop more than once? (If you're willing to present a different workshop, that would be great, but please fill out a separate application.) *
Maximum number of participants or acceptable range. We aim for workshops to be able to accommodate 6-16 participants. Please let us know how many students you can accept on your own, or tell us what you might need to accept more (for example, if you could take four students on your own for a Spanish web class but could teach eight if you had another rope and someone to spot it): *
Please describe your experience and background teaching the skills in your workshop. *
1-2 sentence biography of workshop leader: *
Reference # 1 (including email address) *
Reference # 2 (including email address) *
What equipment, if any, will you provide for your workshop? *
Do you require assistance for your workshop? *
If yes above, please elaborate (how many people, background or experience required)
Can you be a spotter for other workshops? *
If yes above, please lists skills/act/apparatuses you are comfortable spotting, and describe your background & experience.
If I am selected as a volunteer workshop leader, I authorize AYCO/ACE to conduct a criminal and sexual offender record check. *
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