OSU Building Waste Management Assessment
The goal of this assessment is to characterize the waste your building produces by providing a summary of the current state of your building's waste set-up and operations. This will be used by Campus Recycling to maintain more detailed records and to determine if improvements can be made in your building's waste management set-up.

This form can be saved at any time so that you can return to complete it later if preferred. See the following page for more information.

To get started, fill out the questions below, hit next, and then review each section by selecting it from the drop-down menu. Sections are as follows:
1) "Commodities" is where you can indicate what waste materials are collected in your building.
2) “Open-ended questions" is where you can provide details about what you have observed and include any additional notes not addressed in other sections.
3) “Internal collection" is where you can note fullness of bins in your building along with how many are unpaired.
4) "External collection" is where you can note details on the fullness of outdoor waste containers.

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