2018-19 Parent Feedback
Please take a few moments to feel out the following form to help us do better at meeting the needs of your children.
My child enjoys attending Pine Lane *
I have a good relationship with child(s) teacher (s). *
My child feels physically and emotionally safe at Pine Lane *
There are a sufficient number of parent interactions and involvement opportunities at Pine Lane. *
School staff respect and value the diversity of the families in the school. *
Pine Lane Elementary keeps me informed about school events and activities in a timely manner. *
Pine Lane meets my child's individual needs *
The school culture promotes self-advocacy and responsibility with students. *
Pine Lane Elementary has a good reputation in our community. *
The school has ways to welcome new or incoming students (e.g., assigning a buddy or mentor who welcomes students and families and orients them to the school culture). *
Accountability committees and the PTO actively recruit families from various backgrounds that reflect the diversity of the school community. *
The school helps me understand my rights and responsibilities and my child’s rights and responsibilities under federal and state educational laws. *
The special education program at Pine Lane Elementary addresses the needs of my student. *
The English as a second language department meets the needs of my child. *
The Gifted education department meets the needs of my child. *
I am able to find the information I am looking for on Pine Lane's website. *
The school ensures that I have access to the information shared at school events and activities (e.g.,providing explanation or translation as needed). *
The school shares information about overall school progress and how my family can support improvements. *
I know the school's process for resolving complaints or problems. *
It is easy for parents to bring up issues or concerns with the principal, teachers, or counselors. *
I receive help or information from my child's teacher about how I can support my child's learning at home. *
I understand what is expected for my child to be successful at school. *
I frequently check the school work my child brings home. *
My family has received information on how to help improve overall school progress. *
What do you hear your child talk about when they talk about school?
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Other feedback you would like us to know.
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