Have a question for Kalamazoo County Commission Candidates?
Let's get ready for Election 2020!

Do you have a question that we didn’t ask our candidates? If so, please tell us so we can pass it on. In the latter half of October, Southwest Michigan First will partner with WWMT Newschannel 3 on a series of Candidate Forums. If you’d like to participate from the comfort of your living room, we’re collecting questions for those running for the Kalamazoo County Commission in advance.

Here’s who you’ll see on the ballot:

• District 1: Tami Rey (D)
• District 2: Zac Bauer (D)
• District 3: Tracy Hall (D)
• District 4: Jen Strebs (D) and Andrew Smith (R)
• District 5: Veronica McKissack (D) and Valarie Cunningham (R)
• District 6: Jen Aniano (D) and Jeff Heppler (R)
• District 7: Anthony Bates (D) and Roger Edward Tuinier (R)
• District 8: John Gisler (R)
• District 9: Keshia Dickason (D) and Dale Shugars (R)
• District 10: Mike Quinn (D) and Charley Coss (R)
• District 11: Dr. Fran Bruder Melgar (D) and Lisa Brayton (R)

Please keep in mind that we will only pass along questions that are relevant, thoughtful, and respectable.
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