LEXASPINOFF Volunteer Form
Dear fellow Grounders,

We're looking for capable and passionate people to join our team. You don't have to be part of any specific fandom, as long as you are committed to our idea and would like this project to succeed.

As you may know, the LEXASPINOFF Project was started by a handful of Lexa fans in 2017, believing that there's an incredible story that deserves to be told. We still do but we’re all professionals, and whilst we wish we could devote all of our time and effort to see this project to come to fruition, life still gets in the way of our passions. So we’re officially looking to strengthen and expand our ranks, and hope you’re interested in helping!

As a reminder, we have no intention of making a profit from this project. It’s a work in progress, and while we’re aiming high, we're willing to go wherever it takes us. We cannot make any promises one way or another, except that we’ll do our best to get Lexa and the Grounders the kind of story they and their fans deserve. In summary, our momentary goals are:

a) to campaign for a spinoff (limited) series or movie that is loosely based on The 100 television series but focuses on Lexa and the Grounders, by raising awareness in the industry with the help of media and fans.

b) to generate concept ideas and develop a treatment and/or script to pitch to established writers, producers, executives, managers, effectively anyone who may help us to convince the industry to believe in Lexa and her story as much as we do.

Making film and television is a collaborative process, which is exactly what we always envisioned this project to be. Together we are stronger. We're not looking to hog your time or put a huge amount of responsibility on you. Whether you think you can spare two hours a day or every other weekend, we’d like to hear from you. All we ask for is your initiative and commitment, and your absolute discretion.

Please note, we do require you to have at least a good grasp of the English language. We're an international team, so even if you're a visual artist, we need to be able to communicate ideas back and forth. By filling out this form, you simply express your interest in helping with the LEXASPINOFF Project and give us a better idea of your skills and experience:
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