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Use this form to request access to the APUC portal. Please read the below information carefully before submitting the form.
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Please note, the APUC online portal is not intended for general access. It is intended for workers within our church to assist them in their role(s). The Portal contains materials and tools relevant to the Church Council (CC) and the Ministry and Mission Steering Committee (MMSC).

To access the portal, you MUST have a Google (e.g. Gmail), or an APUC account. If you already have one of these, please proceed to fill out the form below to request access. If you do not have one of these accounts, please ensure you create one first by going to http://accounts.google.com/SignUp before submitting this form. Nb. You will need to know the email address that is created when you sign up for your new Google account.
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This will typically be in the form of <something>@gmail.com however some variants may exist. If this is the same as the one noted above, you can simply type that. Nb. This must be a Google account to access this portal - Bigpond, Yahoo, Live/Outlook etc. accounts will not work.
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If you are a member of a team, please mention it here along with your role. Otherwise, please mention your role within our church. This will help to ensure that the appropriate access is provided.
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This is an optional question, but helps us understand how our congregation accesses resources for our church.
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