How can Zephyrus improve?
As the 2017-18 school year comes to an end, Zephyrus wants to know what we can change to assure that we are accurately representing the student body. We would greatly appreciate any and all suggestions! If the form feels too lengthy, fill out as much as possible and skip the rest! This form is completely anonymous and no information will be recorded upon submission.
Content Changes
These questions regard the content of the Newspaper (online and print).
What should Zephyrus cover more often?
Your answer
Did Zephyrus neglect to cover any content this year?
Your answer
If any, what specific columns would you like Zephyrus to feature?
Should Zephyrus add a Humor section?
Would you visit the Zephyrus website more often if there were interactive elements published? (e.g. quizzes, polls, infographics, maps, etc.)
Would you visit the Zephyrus website more often if there was more video coverage included?
Would you tune in if Zephyrus featured live tweets of student events and/or sports games?
Would you like to see serialized comics in the print issue?
Aesthetic Changes
These questions regard the overall 'look' of the Zephyrus newspaper (print).
Do you have any ideas for visual changes Zephyrus can make to our print issues?
Your answer
What do you think the cover of each issue should look like?
Do you read the pull-quotes at the top of each page?
Captionless Image
If you had the opportunity to advertise an event, activity, or club in the print issue, would you do it?
Nonspecific Changes
This question regards anything you haven't mentioned pertaining to the previous topics.
What can Zephyrus do to improve?
Your answer
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