USC Bridge 2020 Application (Due March 25th, 2020 11:59PM, PST)
USC Bridge is a high-level game team accelerator program designed to cultivate interdisciplinary professional excellence and development.

Its purpose is to give some of USC's best and brightest students leadership opportunity on a professional-quality game project, direct individual exposure to and quality insight from our industry’s leading professionals and preparation for their career ahead.

USC Bridge will be available to a small number of USC undergraduate and graduate students, or recent USC graduates from any program or school.

If you have a team and project, have your lead apply, and mention the project and team members attached. Please note any positions you are looking to fill.

If you do not already have a team, please apply and know you will be considered for selected projects that need team members, or possibly selected for a Bridge project.

The USC Bridge program will run from late May until early August at USC.

Students will:

Collaborate on a game with the individual mentorship of our industry’s best and brightest and the support of USC Games faculty.

Give team presentations on specific facets of their prototype to panels of game industry leaders specializing in those crafts.

For more details or to ask questions about the program, please email with the Subject "USC Bridge 2020"
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We will be creating a team where members will need the flexibility to have multiple roles and the humility to know where they can not contribute
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Systems / Game Engineer
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