Wattpad Story Promotion Application
This is to apply to have your story promoted in one of many locations across Wattpad. You cannot submit the same story more than once within 3 months. Applications will not receive a response. Stories must have a minimum of 10,000 words to submit, or must be a completed short story or poetry collection. Random stories (rants, guides, etc) cannot apply.

Stories that are not completed must demonstrate a consistent, reasonable update routine to qualify for consideration.

If applying for Paid Stories consideration, please indicate in the form below. Applications will not receive a response. Individuals are contacted on their Wattpad account by Wattpad staff if there is interest and further discussions will occur. Applying does not sign you up to Paid Stories. If accepted, further contract discussions and information follow.
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If your story is selected, you may be requested to keep your story on Wattpad for an extended period of time during and after the promotion period and may be additionally contacted by Wattpad staff regarding your content. Do you understand and agree? *
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