Digital Sportsmanship: What Does it Mean to You?
We are crowdsourcing what digital sportsmanship means to you.

Over the last several years, we've noticed that we have shied away from the term of digital citizenship because it has become such a broad term and means so many things to different people. We've noticed that we generally use terms like #UseTech4Good for describe the work we do with school communities around the world.

We've been exploring this new idea around digital sportsmanship and invite you to join us as we collectively define what it means around the world, in multiple languages.

We hope teachers, coaches, and parents will invite students to help us define digital sportsmanship. Please respond in your native language because this project is meant to include all voices.

We will curate the responses and intend to publish the results. If you are interested in being listed as a contributor as an individual, school community, team, or organization, please answer the first question. If not, all responses will remain anonymous.
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