Class Sign-up Form for Abot Tala's October - December 2019 Block
Hello there! As you know, Abot Tala follows a self-directed model of learning. That means you have the freedom to design your own education. As Peter Parker's Uncle Ben said, "With great power comes great responsibility." Since you have been given the power to choose your classes, we trust that you'll be responsible in honoring the choices you've made.

Signing up for a class means you are making a commitment to your mentor and fellow teen members attending the class. Here are ways you can show responsibility for your choices:

+ Show up for class on-time. This trains your punctuality and shows respect.

+ Try your best to help maintain a conducive learning environment for everyone.

+ Gadget use in class isn't allowed unless your mentor says you need it. We also discourage unintentional use of gadgets within the center. Use your gadget only when you really need it.

+ If you can't make it to class, please send us a message.

+ If you'd like to drop out of a class, just let us know. We'll have you fill up a form just so we have it on record.

*Note: This form should be filled up by the Abot Tala teen member (not the parent).
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