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Swaroopyog Shibir Registration Form
Online Registrations for 11-12 March 2017 Shibir are open.
स्वरूपयोगाश्रम, गिरीवन
स्वरूपयोगाश्रम, गिरीवन (Please enter "18.562730, 73.531191" in your google maps to get driving directions to Swaroopyogashram, Girivan)
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Which Shibir you plan to attend?
Mode of Transport
1. Pune to Swaroopyogashram bus service will be available only on Saturday and Sunday mornings. 2. Also Swaroopyogashram to Pune bus service will be available only on Saturday and Sunday evenings. 3. Coming by your own car? - Please enter "18.562730, 73.531191" in your google maps to get address and driving direction to Swaroopyogashram, Girivan.
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Swaroopyog Bus/Mode of Transport:
1. "Swaroopyog Bus" starts at 6 am from Tejonidhi (Swamiji's residence) on Saturday and Sunday. All the sadhaks coming by bus are requested to reach to Tejonidhi by 5.45 am.
2. If you have selected Mode of Transport as "Yet to be decided" during registration, please finalize it and communicate to Swaroopyog office at least one week before the Shibir.

Cancellation/Change in plan:
1. In case of any cancellation/change in your plan, please immediately communicate to Swaroopyog Office (020 25652457) between 11 am to 3 pm.
2. If you have mentioned your plan as "Tentative" before, please finalize and communicate to Swaroopyog office at least 5 days before the Shibir.

Your proactive support will help Swaroopyog for better Shibir arrangements.

Please contact Swaroopyog Office (020 25652457 from 11 am to 3 pm on working days), Chaitanya Deshpande (+919011013819) or Sagar Sorte (+919890033361) for any questions.

I have read & understood the instructions
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Kindly submit a new form for any other person(s) accompanying you or if you want to register for more than one Shibirs.
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