2020 Internship Application: Worcester County Economic Development STEP UP STEM Program
Please complete all sections of this form to be considered for an interview for an internship placement in a STEM career field through the 2020 Worcester County Economic Development STEP UP STEM Program.

Please mail transcripts (unofficial are accepted) to Worcester County Economic Development, 100 Pearl Street Ste B, Snow Hill, MD 21863.

Applicants are encouraged to send a cover letter and resume to fawn@sinepuxentgroup.com as well.
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Responses could include major/minor, WTHS program, etc
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Are you concurrently applying for a 2020 NASA Wallops Flight Facility full time summer internship?
Recommended for students available for a full-time 8 week experience
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Are you concurrently applying for a Northrop Grumman internship?
Recommended for students in the last two years of earning a degree in aerospace, mechanical, computer, or structural engineering. Northrop Grumman offers co-ops that run winter/spring semester and summer/fall semester.
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Have you participated in any Worcester County Economic Development STEM Program in the past? *
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For college and graduate students, this may be your parent's address. Applicants must be Worcester county residents in order to be eligible for an internship.
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This may be the same as your Worcester county address.
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Check locations where you would be able to accept an internship. The more willing you are to travel, the more likely we are to be able to place you with an internship matching your skills and interests.
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