Designated Deconstructor - Time Tracking Entry (Updated 10/19/2016)
To earn the complete Designated Deconstructor Credential from the BMRA, an individual must log at least 2,000 hours of work on deconstruction projects in accordance with the chart below. The Deconstruction Technician Credential is available at 900 hours.

For individuals looking to qualify with the City of Portland's Deconstruction Ordinance Requirements, you must log at least 500 hours in any competency.

Each individual pursuing the credential or City of Portland status must use this form to track their hours. If you have any questions, please contact us

This form has recently been updated to improve its ease of use. If you would prefer to use the older form, you can access it here:

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Core Competency Requirements for Designated Deconstructor and Deconstructor Technician
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To reach the minimum required hours (500 hours for Portland, 900 for Decon Technician, 200 hours for Designated Deconstructor) you will have to create multiple entries of your hours. You do not have to use the same method each time, but make sure that you do not double count your hours if you enter time using a different method on your next entry.
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