Recall Petition Signature Count Inquiry
Use this form to report how many signatures you currently have in your possession.
(Please do not count any that you turned in.)

The data collected will also be used to help coordinate where you should return your completed sheets to if you are not aware. Do not report your signatures anywhere else but this form. This form is validated by the official RWM Team. Please do not duplicate entries. Your responses will be emailed to you.

Do not hand over any filled forms if you do not know the person asking you for them. Any inquiry as to the validity of who to turn petitions in to should be directed to or by calling 517-798-4191. Generally you will return completed forms to the same person who gave you the blanks, or returned to your local county chair.

Please keep any Restore Freedom Initiative Sheets separate from Recall Petitions in file folders or boxes.

Please Handle all sheets with care, they are valuable to RWM and RFI - do not damage, get wet, staple or make notes on them.
Email address *
Are you a County Chair? *
What county are you in? *
Not your state, we know you are in Michigan.
Do you understand we are only counting recall sheets that have been closed out with the circulator certificate properly filled out? *
Sheets that you plan to still get signatures on should be counted at a later time once they are filled up. You can submit more than one of these forms and when necessary.
If you are a county chair, who have you received completed Recall sheets from and how many signatures did each of them turn in?
We want to avoid double counting signatures, once collected we will ultimately count them but in the interim period this data will help us be more precise in our totals.
How many Recall signatures do you currently have in your possession? *
If you have already handed your completed sheets off, do not include them in this count - the person who now has the completed sheets will report these numbers.
Have you turned any completed sheets in already and who did you give them to? *
Please include name, phone number, and number of signatures and or sheets (please identify if the number represents sheets or total signatures) you turned in. If you have not turned any in simply respond with "No".
Do you know who your sheets should be turned in to? *
Please keep sheets included in these counts separated and labeled as counted already.
Do you have enough blank sheets to keep getting signatures? How many do you have left? *
About how many blank sheets do you have in your possession? 1/2 inch = about 100 petitions. 1inch = about 200, so on and so forth. If you need more petitions please reach out to you county chair to get some, if you need to know who this is please note that here.
Do you have Restore Freedom Initiative Petitions? *
Restore Freedom Petitions will be collected when we make our 1st round to collect. These need to be kept in a separate folder or pile as they have to turn their petitions in to the state before the recall ones are due and we want to make it easy to get them to Kathrine Henry.
How many Restore Freedom signatures do you have?
Please make sure to have all sheet closed out before collection date - the final date for RFI petitions will need to be turned in by is Nov. 18th 2020.
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