DUSC Academy/D-League - Scholarship Application 2018-2019
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Terms and Conditions
By accepting a Club scholarship, the parent and the player acknowledge their obligation to comply with the terms
and conditions of the Club’s scholarship awards program as set out herein:

1. The player agrees to play the entire season exclusively for the Club and understands the Club will not
release the player or the player’s card to any entity.
2. Any non-Club select, guest, school, or other type of play must have the prior approval of the Club’s
coaching staff.
3. The player shall meet the general requirement to not miss a Club game, tournament, competition or event
for participation in any non-Club game, tournament, competition, or event unless the player has received
the prior approval of the Club’s coaching staff.
4. The player shall meet the mandatory requirement to regularly attend practice sessions and games. The
Club may withdraw the scholarship and remove the player from the roster without prior notice for failure to
attend practices or games, failure to attend a game for an unsatisfactory reason, or persistent failure to
attend practices or games.
5. The scholarship award will be applied to the travel program fee, and the balance of the fee must be paid
according to the payment schedule as advised by the Club or as agreed in writing between the Player and
the Club.
6. All new players who pay the $250 application fee will receive a discount code for their uniform.
The discount code will include both game jerseys (home and away), practice shorts (2), socks (2),
and shorts (2). You can also purchase the DUSC backpack and warm-up jacket and pants, but it will
not be included in the discount code.
7. You may be asked to pay additional fees throughout the season, which may include airfare, car rental and
hotel costs. Please note these additional fees are not covered by the scholarship award.
8. Failure to pay any outstanding balance according to the agreed upon payment schedule may result in
the player being considered “not in good standing” and may result in the player being suspended, and/or
revocation of the scholarship.

Please note:
Failure to comply with or fulfill any of the obligations outlined above may result in revocation of the scholarship
award, and the player or the player’s parent or guardian must promptly pay to the Club, on its demand, the full
team fee.

For questions regarding this application, please contact scholarships@dusc.net

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I certify that: All information presented to induce this financial assistance award is true, complete and accurate. *
I certify that: I understand that intentional submission of false or misleading information may be a violation of the law. *
I certify that: I have read and understand the attached DUSC Scholarship Awards Terms and Conditions. *
I certify that: If awarded a scholarship,I agree to comply with the attached DUSC Scholarship Awards Terms and Conditions. *
Please upload your IRS Federal Income tax form 1040. Please name the file your child's name. If you don't have a 1040 please email scholarships@dusc.net
Who is eligible to receive a scholarship?
The policy of the Downtown United Soccer Club (DUSC) is to ensure that no one is denied the opportunity to play
soccer simply because their family cannot afford it. Anyone may apply for a scholarship, and financial assistance
is awarded based on need after submission of required paperwork.

How are scholarship amounts determined?
The club reviews your submission of IRS Federal Income tax form 1040 or notarized.

Do I still need to pay $250 application fee?
Yes. In order to even be considered for a scholarship, the scholarship application, required documents, and a
$250 check or money order must be submitted in full.

Do you offer full scholarships?
Unfortunately we do not offer full scholarships. If you are awarded a scholarship the total fee will be $500 ($250
due at the time of registration and $250 due no later than February 1st).

What if my family does not have an income tax return to submit?
The Club’s Scholarship Committee will award scholarships based upon documented proof of income. An income
tax return (IRS Form 1040) is the preferred proof. If you are not required to file an income tax return, or an income
tax return is not available, please complete the attached Affidavit of Income, which must be notarized.

If there are other factors that you believe the DUSC Scholarship Committee should take into consideration in
determining the level of scholarship award, please explain them in a separate letter and attach it to the signed
application form. Each request will be handled on a case by case basis.

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