The Basement Program Application - WI19 Cohort
To apply, teams must fill out this form and also submit an application video. Instructions for team video submissions are included at the end of this application. APPLICATIONS CAN BE SUBMITTED ANY TIME BEFORE Tuesday, January 22nd at 11:59PM.

Applicant(s) must be a current UC San Diego undergraduate student and in good academic standing to apply. Students applying must have a startup business/product or social innovation idea.


SEEKER TRACK - Teams who are still very much in the exploration phase, but who are serious about exploring a business or social innovation idea, and need help just getting started. This is a good starting point for individual students or teams who just came up with the idea, and need help with next steps. Teams are eligible for a $500 funding award to be used for proving their concept.

INCUBATOR TRACK - Startups that are in the ideation phase of developing an idea, market, prototype and customer, where assistance with business model, building an MVP, talking to customers, validating the idea, conducting market research is needed, and interacting with angel investors through mentorship is needed. Funding awarded: $1,000 to be used for proving their concept.

ACCELERATOR TRACK - Startups that have a prototype, have done some market research, talked to the first set of customers, and are ready to launch their startup into the "real world", where assistance with developing a next level MVP, conducting more extensive customer interviews, angel investing connections, and building an advisory board is needed. Funding awarded: $2,000 to be used for proving their concept.

All applications must be received by Tuesday, January 22nd at 11:59PM.

Please contact us at or email Gloria Negrete at

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