Global product design hackathon: Rat Relay 26.-28.4.2017
This is a registration form to Rat Relay, a global product design hackathon organized in the Design Factory Global Network. The Rat Relay takes place 26.-28.4. at Aalto University Design Factory. Selected teams work in 6h slots, in a morning and evening shift, altogether for 36 hours.

Rat Relay simulates real-world situation in industrial product development where very often one individual person or team is only working on a project for a limited time and not from beginning to the end. In Rat Relay projects are rotated around the world in slots and the projects are provided by sponsoring companies, startups or NGOs. One team works always for 6 hours at a time and ships the project forward to next DF.

The participating Design Factories in the global network are:

ADF - Aalto University, Finland
PDF - Porto Polytechnic, Portugal
FDF - NHL University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands
DDF - Duoc UC, Chile
DFJ - Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogota/Colombia
DFJ - Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Cali/Colombia

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The Rat Relay will take place in two shifts every day, in a morning (8:00-14:00) and evening (15:00-21:00) shift. Select the slot(s) you want to participate, you can also join more than one but it is not recommended to take two slots on the same day. Please notice, that you need to be able to commit to the full 6 hours once you have signed up to a certain slot. In each slot there will be a different project, expect in the first and the last one, where the team will work on the local project.
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